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This is one of the lowest light requirements of all bonsai making it.

} pencil trees on clearance, Desoto TX Jun 27, If you've moved your tree, chances are that the leaves fell off.

Also, your tree might be in a house that gets extreme variations in temperature - in most cases if the temperature has dropped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit the leaves will fall.

This is especially important during winter time. Keep a close eye on the conditions that your tree is living in. If you haven't moved it then chances are that you overwatered the tree. Jun 28, An early sign of over-watering is that leaves will start to fall off in a bunch.

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If you start to notice soft black spots on your plant’s leaves or stem, the over-watering is getting severe, and it may be difficult to save your Bonsai. The plant will eventually shrink and stumpdelimbing.clubs: 1. Ficus may drop their leaves in response to stress. If the tree was recently moved it may lose leaves, but as long as the new location is suitable the leaves should quickly regrow. Leaf drop may also occur if the tree is being overwatered or if the soil is allowed to overdry.

Dry air and a lack of light weakens the Bonsai Ficus and often result in leaf drop. In poor conditions like these, they are sometimes infested with scale or spider mites. Placing customary insecticide sticks into the soil or spraying insecticide/miticide will get rid of the pests, but a weakened Ficus tree’s living conditions must be stumpdelimbing.clubted Reading Time: 7 mins. Why is my ficus bonsai dropping leaves?

You should know that a ficus bonsai expresses its reaction to changes by dropping or changing the color of its leaves. By changes, we mean moving it to a new location or even the transition between seasons.

However, the most likely cause for leaves dropping. There are several bonsai tree diseases, viruses, moulds, and fungi that can affect your bonsai, and recognizing a few common signs will let you know when your plant may be in trouble. Most diseased trees will show at least one of the following symptoms: distorted or discolored leaves and flowers; loss of leaves out of season; yellowed, wilted, dried, or falling leaves; slow growth. Jul 26, This tree sure loves to drop leaves for the slightest little problems.

The leaves are not getting shriveled/dried, just turning yellow and falling off. The weather has finally come up and is normal now (so the tree is outside) with night time temps from degrees.

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