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Tip: Some drooping immediately after repotting your fiddle leaf fig is normal.

The main cause of fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping can be dehydration from lack of watering which can cause the leaves to droop or flop over.

However there maybe other reasons such as a overwatering, root rot, lack of sunlight to lack of fertilizing that could also be cause your fiddle fig leaves to be drooping. Apr 12, Fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping. If your fiddle leaf fig is showing droopy leaves that are turning yellow or brown as well, that’s a sure sign you’re likely watering too much for the amount of light the plant is getting. If the plant is just droopy and possibly a Reviews: Mar 15, It’s normal for a fiddle leaf fig to lose a couple of leaves at the bottom but excessive leaf dropping is not normal.

If your fig tree is losing leaves, evaluate all the possible causes. First, bear in mind that this tree doesn’t like change.

After buying your Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Jun 10, So there you have it: the most common causes of drooping fiddle leaf fig trees’ leaves are weak tissue, environmental changes, thirst, root shock, and chemical burn.

Now that you know what’s causing your plant’s sag, you can nurture it back to its perky stumpdelimbing.clubted Reading Time: 5 mins. May 23, Leaf Drop From Dry Conditions – under watering. The 2nd major cause of leaf decrease in a fiddle leaf fig is from dryness.

It will keep the plant healthy and reduce its size so that it is more manageable.

Lack of watering as well as extremely dry air can cause a fiddle leaf fig to drop leaves. Take care not to put your plant in direct sun or near a home heating air vent, where it is blasted with completely dry air routinely. Fiddle leaf figs do not such as drafts, so selecting a spot. A telltale sign of dryness is the drooping of the leaves, which have lost their turgor pressure from lack of water. Very dry fiddle leaf fig plant after being neglected for over two months.

In a very dry plant, the leaves will droop due to a lack of turgor pressure. Growing new leaves requires a lot of energy and resources from the plant. Smaller leaves indicate a lack of resources like water, light, or fertilizer. Make sure you’re giving your tree the correct amount of water, plenty of indirect sunlight, and fertilizing regularly (we recommend Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food). Mite Damage The fig tree is susceptible to two pests -- the Pacific spider mite and the two-spotted spider mite -- that might also cause green leaves to drop from the tree.

The mites usually begin. For shiny fiddle leaf fig leaves, the best thing you can do is care for your plant’s health and keep the leaves clean. Like humans, plants look best when they’re healthy, so I prefer a health-first approach to shiny leaves!

Join our community on Facebook to show off your shiny fiddle leaf fig leaves! Grab the Essentials for Your Fiddle Leaf.

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